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[Bear Artwork by Steve Schuermann]

Old Mary Beth's Beanbag World, Mary Beth's Crafty Kids, Beanie Mania, Beans! & Bears Magazines

Teddy Bears: - Here are links to some very nice, friendly Teddy Bears!

Boyds Mohair Bears, Cookie Jars, Recipe Boxes, Bears & Friends Cuddle-Fluffs, Mugs, Canisters, Tin Trays, Resin, Razz-Bearies, Peekers Plush, Dogs & Cats, Greeting Cards, Stickers, Tug Alongs, & more!

Applause Teddy Bears & more

Classic Collecticritters Jewel Series & Garfield Cat Teddy Bears Sets

First & Main Plush

Patty Duke Mohair Signature Teddy Bears

Oh Josh Mohair Teddy Bears

Dogs Page - Plush & More!

Snoopy Puppy Dog & Friends!

Cats Page - Plush & More!

Bunnies & Rabbits Plush & More!

Frogs Page - Plush & More! Ty, WB & More!

Ty Plush Classics, Buddies, Beanies

Bugs (Bug's Life, Ladybugs, Butterflies, Bees, Spiders)


  • Sally Winey Plush

  • Keychains

  • Pet Aliens

  • Douglas Cuddle Toys Minis

  • Classy Tassy Beanbags

  • Meanies

  • Spice Girls


Warner Brothers

Assorted Teddy Bears - various (Mohair Teddy Bear Kits, Mohair Teddy Bears) USPS Celebrate the Century Teddy Bears!

Ganz Cottage Collectibles Teddy Bears & More!

Pet Aliens & Furby Books

Assorted Retired Beanbags (Grandpa Munster, Snuggle Bear, Alfred Hitchcock & more)


Christmas Hallmark Ornaments, Plush & More!

Easter, Mother's Day Plush & more!

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