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>Jody Bergsma Blank Art Greeting Cards Set<

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Our retired Holly Pond Hill Greeting Cards are sold out, but good news below!!!

We have Susan Wheeler Greeting Cards by Leanin' Tree that feature the same critters that Susan Wheeler is known for in the Holly Pond Hill line; see below link!

Click on the following link! >>>Susan Wheeler Greeting Cards<<<

The Below greeting cards are available for a limited time only; great, great prices!!

Retired Greeting Cards

Debbie Cook; sold out!

Greeting Cards - Artist Debbie Cook

[Image Debbie Cook Get Well Soon Card IA 37371]

Inside reads: "Wish I could make it all better. Get well soon"

(Puppy Dog & Kitty Cat)


Decorated envelopes. These Greeting Cards have been Retired. Year 1996 on design.

$2.25 ea.; Sunrise/InterArt.

Cyndy Callog; sold out!

Sitting Sunny Greeting Cards - Artist Cyndy Callog - 8 Greeting Cards

[Image InterArt Sitting Sunny Callog Card #5958]

Outside reads: "There is friendship in the face of a flower...". Inside reads: "and a flower in the face of a friend."


"Embossed" Greeting Cards & Decorated Envelopes - Cyndy Callog. $2.25 ea.; retired.

Cyndy Callog 1992; from an original watercolor. "Sunrise/InterArt"

Lynn Norton Parker; sold out!

Greeting Cards - Artist Lynn Norton Parker. 34 Cards (4 styles )

5 envelopes missing out of the whole grouping. All the rest have envelopes and are all the same size.

Numbers in parentheses are how many you get of each style. All styles have been retired. $2.50 ea.

[Image Lynn Norton Parker Card Thanks Bunch IA 38340]

Outside reads: THANKS A BUNCH.

Inside reads: "You really shouldn't have (but I'm glad you did!)"


[Image Lynn Norton Parker Card Hello Thoughts IA 36974]

Outside reads: "Hello".

Inside reads: "Sending friendly thoughts"


[Image Lynn Norton Parker Card Mailbox IA 37353]

Inside reads: "Nothing makes my day like hearing from you"


[Image Lynn Norton Parker Thanksgiving Card IA 37669]

Inside reads: "May Thanksgiving brighten your heart and home"


Kathleen Francour; sold out!

Greeting Cards - Artist Kathleen Francour - 14 Greeting Cards

Great for scrapbooking, cards to share with friends & family, framing, & more!

[Image K. Francour InterArt Card #7257]

"Thanks. What would I do without you?"



[Image K. Francour InterArt Card #7221]

"Times with you are unforgettable"



Original hand-tinted photos. Envelopes are not all perfect; an occasional slight defect on a card or two since most cards from InterArt are about 5-10 years old.

Both styles have been retired.

$1.95 ea.; "Sunrise/InterArt"

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