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Below are Coloring Books & educational fun things for all ages. Some items are no longer made or retired! For Collector's or just for fun!

[Image How to Draw Lion King Book]

Disney's Lion King "How to Draw the Lion King" Book. 13.75" tall, 10.25" across. Easy-to-follow steps and tips from Disney artists will have you drawing characters in a variety of poses and moods. You'll also learn interesting facts about the movie. Illustrated by David Pacheco & Diana Wakeman. Copyright 1994. Near mint condition due to shelf life in our Store. $39.95. (1 in stock)

[Disney Lion King Colorforms Book set]

Disney's Lion King My First Colorforms Book. The Lion King A Day To Play! Includes Colorforms Pieces that Stick like Magic! Ages 3 and up. $14.95. (0 in stock)

[Image Cabbath Patch Kids Book 1983]

[Image Cabbage Patch Kids Book 1983]

Cabbage Patch Kids Baby Sticker Book from Year 1983. Illustrated by Anne Sikorski. Puffy Vinyl Stickers are already on the book on the 16 pages. There were supposed to be 6 additional styles of stickers to complete the book and I'm pretty sure all are here. A great collectible to put away for it's over 20 years old. It is in above average condition due to age and no rips or tears. You could even find a way to lift off the stickers and use in scrapbooking & more!

It was to be used as a learning toy to teach children about relationships with family and friends, a better understanding of themselves and their growth. It was to develop organizational skills and a sense of spatial relationships; improve finger dexterity and develop a sense of neatness and order. For all kids ages 3 & up.

By Diamond Toymakers. For the True Collector of days gone by items!! $49.95. (1)

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