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Cloth Dolls - Girly Girls Dolls, Ty Beanie Boppers

Girly Girls Dolls

Breanna, Demi, Kaitlynn, Laney, Makayla, Maya, Parker, Riley, Sasha, Sydney, Yasmin, & Zoey.

12 Charming Dolls; each with her own name and unique personality, conveyed in an upbeat story included on the hangtag! The 12-inch Dolls sport outfits and accessories that complement their individual style! Outfit combinations to add to these wonderful Dolls will be offered soon!

For ages 3 and up.

[Image Girly Girl Maya Doll]

Maya - Cool and confident with a strong competitive nature. She knows how to win well and lose well. She's a team player all the way! $14.95 ea.

Order #FM918; sold out!

[Image Girly Girl Sasha Doll]

Sasha - A Tomboy through and through! She loves hockey, baseball and volleyball too! She always plays fair and believes "honesty" is the best policy! $14.95 ea.

Order #FM913; sold out!

[Image Girly Girl Sydney Doll]

Sydney - With long red tresses and energy to spare, this girl has enough team spirit for the whole school! She would like to run for class president and is on the honor roll every year! $14.95 ea.

Order #FM910; sold out!

[Image Girly Girl Yasmin Doll]

Yasmin - Never a dull moment with this active girl! She just loves to stay in touch - whether she's calling her friends or her family, this gal is thoughtful, considerate and always on the go! $14.95 ea.

Order #FM900; sold out!

[Image Girly Girl Breanna Doll]

Breanna - Always perfectly put together with style galore. She'd like to meet the Queen, and the President of the US! She thinks big and would like to serve her country when she grows up! $14.95 ea.

Order #FM922; sold out!

[Image Girly Girl Laney Doll]

Laney - Kind and gracious....she's always concerned about others. You'll find her helping her teacher at school, and taking care of her little brother and sister after school. $14.95 ea.

Order #FM903; sold out!

[Image Girly Girl Makayla Doll]

Makayla - This girl is a trendsetter who loves to shop! She shows her family and friends how much she cares by purchasing special gifts for them. She earns her money doing "odd jobs" and is a cheerful giver! $14.95 ea.

Order #FM902; sold out!

[Image Girly Girl Zoey Doll]

Zoey - Her gracefulness is developing with lots of practice. This girl works hard and is determined to perfect her skills. She inspires others to achieve their dreams! $14.95 ea.

Order #FM915; sold out!

[Image Girly Girl Kaitlynn Doll]

Kaitlynn - An all-American Girl who is very popular. She has many friends because she is always there to lend a helping hand or kind word. She loves to stay fit so she feels confident about herself! $14.95 ea.

Order #FM916; sold out!

[Image Girly Girl Parker Doll]

Parker - Ever the social butterfly with an upbeat attitude! She loves to cheer people with her bright smile. Her positive attitude is fun to be around & she's the life of every gathering! $14.95 ea.

Order #FM919; sold out!

[Image Girly Girl Riley Doll]

Riley - Always dress with a certain pizazz, Riley is a big animal lover. She loves to take a walk in the park, and always takes interest in the many different kinds of flowers, animals and plants. She knows the importance to be kind to our environment! $14.95 ea.

Order #FM917; sold out!

[Image Demi Cloth Doll Girly Girl FM]

Demi - Sweet, demure and such a great listener! This girl can always be trusted if you confide in her. She loves to read and hopes to be a teacher someday! $14.95 ea.

Order #FM907; sold out!

Ty Teenie Beanie Boppers

1 set of 12 available: Glitzy Gabby, Rugged Rusty, Sassy Star, Jazzy Jessie, Hat-Tick Hunter, Cool Cassidy, Sweet Sally, Pretty Penelope, Footie, Snazzy Sabrina, Paula Plappertasche, American Millie

$84.95; sold out!

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