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[Image LT Bergsma Dragon Rider #3705]

Jody Bergsma's Art creations all have meaning and beauty, style & grace!

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Art Greeting Cards! Art Cards come complete with a watercolor wash envelope in a cello sleeve. @$2.75 ea.

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[Image Bergsma Cats Furry Art Card #3717]

"You Are Furry Special!" (Sophisto-Cats, Don't Be A Sour-Puss!, Pussy-Willows, Cats Me If You Can!, Be Pawsitive, Cat-Tails, Pawsitivity, ...You Are Furry Special!)

Notes from Jody: Ancient cultures believed that cats were guides and protectors for their owners. Their special gift is that they see what we cannot. Cats bring mystery, magic and a little mischief into our lives. Their friendship brightens our world.


[Image Bergsma Doggy Dog Art Card #3716]

"It's A Doggy Dog World!" (Furry cute!, The Luck Of The Paw!, Best... Fur-Ends, It's A Doggy-Dog World!)

Notes from Jody: The dog is mans oldest and best friend. Dogs are companions to humans, providing faithful protection. Their warm spirit and willingness to love and nurture us unconditionally is a blessing to all who call dog "Friend".


[Image Bergsma Shell Seas Art Card #3715]

"life is full of little miracles"

Notes from Jody: Don't Be Shellfish..., Seas The Moment..., Live Simply..., Enjoy Lazy Daze & Good Times, And Remember... She Sells Sea Shells... Down By The Seashore.


[Image Bergsma Dragonflies Art Card #3714]

"Put On Your Magik Wingz... and fly!"

Notes from Jody: Dragonflies are magical creatures that begin as nymphs in the water and move into the realm of air. Dragonflies symbolize change, new light and joy. The iris flower is also a symbol representing beauty that rises from the muddy swamp. The dragonfly invites you to spread iridescent wings and fly into a new day.


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3707]

"Now... Is The Moment To Live!" Heron.

Notes from Jody: These birds are "king of the marsh." They are independent and are adept hunters. They live successfully in the three dimensions of earth, air, and water. The lotus is a symbol for change and adaptability like the heron. They remind us that great beauty can arise from the swamp of life if we are patient and give ourselves time to grow.


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3705]

"Dragon Rider... The Greatest Success... Is To Live Life... In Your Own Way!"

Notes from Jody: Dragonflies are magical creatures that begin as nymphs in the water and move into the realm of air. Dragonflies symbolize change, new light and joy. The Lotus flower mandala is also a symbol representing beauty that rises from the muddy swamp. The fairy invites you to rise up and fly into a new day. To believe that tomorrow holds brilliant possibilities and that you have the power to turn darkness into light and sorrow into joy.


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3704]

"Everyone Needs Their Own Spot" - Ladybugs.

Notes from Jody: The lady bug is a beetle. Beetles are associated with resurrection and change. Their bright colors remind us to see the beauty in natures smallest kingdom.


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3703]

"Don't Let Life Flutter-bye" - Butterflies.

Notes from Jody: Butterfly - transformation and change. Butterflies dance as they move from flower to flower. They remind us not to take things too seriously. They awaken a feeling of lightness and joy. Keep moving, keep dancing, put on bright colors and taste the sweetness of life with every step!


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3701]

"The Best Is Yet To Bee!" - Bees.

Notes from Jody: Bees are the busiest and most useful of all insects. Without them, flowers would seldom have seeds that germinate and blossoms would rarely bear fruit. Bees are the only insects to produce food which humans consume (honey). They remind us to seek the sweet nectar of life while the sun shines.


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3700]

"Live... On The Bright Side!" - Pink Flamingos.

Notes from Jody: Flamingos have become a favorite of all who love the good life. Like the palm tree and the sunset, they remind us of warm breezes, tropical climates, and pleasant moments away from our hectic lives. The Lotus flowers symbolizes like the flamingo, that beautiful living can arise from the muddy swamp of life.


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3698]

"Chrysalis... Who Knows What Magic... Tomorrow May Bring!"

Notes from Jody: This swallowtail butterfly has just emerged from its cocoon, which portrays the spirit and wonder of emergence and new beginnings. The fairy on the butterfly's back invites us to ride the winds of change, accept life's natural flow, shed the old, and come into the new. Metamorphosis is the magic of life.


[Imag Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3693]

"Amid Hummers Night Dream There Is Magic On The Wind!"

Notes from Jody: Hummingbirds fill our hearts with a sense of wonder and joy. Their wings move in a figure 8 pattern which is a symbol for infinity and the world of spirit. The fairy invites you to join with the beautiful hummingbird, to put on your brilliant colors and live in joy among the flowers. Hummingbirds teach us that we can accomplish that which seems impossible, to find the joy in even the simplest of things, and to scatter happiness with a little humming!


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3692 Horses]

"Fire In The Soul... You Have The Power To Realize Your Dreams."

Notes from Jody: Take a moment to kick up your heels and spend time in nature. Seek greener pastures, travel, drink in the wind and let the fires of passion and creativity stir your soul.


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3691]

"The Road...Goes Ever On"

Notes from Jody: I have always loved the idea of the journey. The winding road of life moves us towards a new day. Let the world offer itself to your imagination and call to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting.The Celts believed that geese represented the spirit of God on the wind. Like a holy tribe of angels, their appearance reminds us that eternity is in front of us and spirit is always with us. The symbol of the linking circles in the sunset is also a sacred symbol to the Celts. It creates the figure 8 which represents infinity, the past and the future and the omnipotent presence of God.


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3687 Horses]

"Wild Winds... The Power Of The Four Directions."

Notes from Jody: The horse is a personal symbol for freedom, power and travel. Riding horses has been likened to riding the wind and harnessing its essence. The four horses in this image are painted as symbolic representatives of the four winds and four directions. Gold for east, air, new beginnings and healing; Red for south, fire, strength and creativity; Blue for west, water, dreams, journeys and compassion; White for north, earth, abundance and sacred wisdom. Native Americans believe that when these four are in balance in one's life you give birth to the fifth element, which is the power of the Great Spirit and the freedom to live your dreams.


[Image Bergsma Art Gallery Card #3684]

"Dancing In A Circle Of Life"

Notes from Jody: Kokopelli, the dancing, flute-playing hunchback is a fertility and new life symbol in the American Southwest. A circle with four designated points is called a medicine wheel by indigenous people of this continent. This is a Kokopelli wheel. (Hawk - primal life force, fulfillment and spring equinox. Yellows positive qualities are optimism and inspiration.) (Coyote - adaptation, keeper of magic and the balance of wisdom and folly. Reds positive qualities are passion, strength and the will to live.) (Black Bear - access to dreams and the subconscious mind. They remind us to be playful and find the honey in life. Greens positive qualities are healing and abundance) (Antelope - connection to a strong mind, speed, agility and the power to survive by ones wit. Blues positive qualities are happiness, calm and truth.)


[Image Bergsma Art Gallery Art Card #3683]

"Journey To The Dream Time"

Notes from Jody: Bears are a power symbol in myth. The stories of bears transforming into men and gods culminated in the naming of a prominent constellation - Ursa Major or Big Bear. Bears, because of their hibernation, are associated with the moon, dreaming and access to the subconscious mind. Shamans often used "bear medicine" to help them gain inspiration and power from the inner world. Dreamcatchers are a talisman to help one dream the happy dream. The river of life flows from our dreams and creates the world we all live in. Let us dream a future for the black bears. They are a symbol of our environment and as we care for them we care for the future of us all.


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3678]

"Lean On Me... You've Got A Friend"

Notes from Jody: The house cat is one of our world's most loved animals. It is now known that the purr within cats has profound soothing and healing properties. It is suggested that purring is one of the reasons cats heal themselves so quickly and perhaps helps insure their own nine lives. Petting their fur is known to help relieve stress and return calm to a hectic life. The pleasure of friendship is one of life's greatest blessings and surely cats are one of our greatest friends. The yin-yang cat symbol reminds us that love makes our world complete.


[Image Bergsma Art Card #3669 Gallery]

"Magic Is Everywhere!" - Rainbow Fairies & Friends Art Card.

Believe in the Magic


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3661]

"I Have Found The One... Whom My Soul Loves"

Notes from Jody: Trumpeter Swans, the largest swan, breed in the far north and migrate long distances to find winter shelter, then fly in v-shaped formations and you can often hear them calling as they pass overhead. Pairs of swans stay together for life and are often used as a symbol for marriage and fidelity. They are devoted parents. The swan is the totem of the child, mystic, poet and dreamer. They are symbols of beauty and grace. Swans were sacred to Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Because swans fill European myth they have come to be associated with the faerie realm. These swans are placed in tulip fields.


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3660]

"Love Makes Life Beautiful" - Rose.

Notes from Jody: The rose, this most sensuous and romantic of flowers is inspiration for artists, poets and lovers. According to the Greeks, Chloris asked the three Graces to help create an extraordinary flower. They gave the rose joy, brightness and charm. Aphrodite - beauty, Dionysus - scent, Zephyr - blew the clouds away so this flower could inspire the sun. Thus the rose was crowned the queen of flowers, to remain forever a symbol of love.


[Image Bergsma Art Gallery Card #3654]

"Cat Magic"

Notes from Jody: Bobcat is sometimes called the wild cat. It has a short "bobbed" tail, tufts of hair on its ears and sideburns. The bobcat is a solitary animal and prone to secrecy. They are found throughout North America in rocky isolated areas. The bobcat as totem signifies power in silence and secrets, learning to be alone yet not lonely and the ability to see what others cannot. Bobcat people are often very sensitive which makes them need time alone to reflect, regain strength and heal. The Katchina symbol surrounding the cat in this image was an interpretation of the Sun Katchina, the deity to which all cat and cat people are tied.


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3653]

"Love's Way"

Notes from Jody: Foxes are members of the dog family. They are excellent night hunters and are often spotted at dawn or dusk. They are known for their ability to camouflage and hide themselves. Their "invisibility" trait associates them with magical powers. Their ability to smell is their keenest sense. They are the farmer's friends and consume quantities of pesky bugs and rodents. The red fox in native belief is a protector of family unity. In China, the red fox was associated with Kundalini and magical feminine energies.


[Image Bergsma Art Gallery Card #3649]

"All Things Bright... And Beautiful"

Notes from Jody: Animals of the far north live out solitary lives in ice and snow. We marvel at their ability to survive in harsh conditions and are inspired by their cleverness, patience and fortitude. Pictured here are Polar Bears, Arctic Fox, Snowshoe Hare, mother and cub Grey Wolves, Lynx, Tundra Weasel, baby Harbor Seal, Arctic Owl and Spruce Hen (or Ptarmigan). They can all survive temperatures as low as minus 50 degrees Celsius.


[Image Bergsma Art Gallery Card #3638]

"The Most Beautiful Things... Are The Mysterious"

Notes from Jody: "The one who has regard for these creatures has regard for life itself" The whale is the world's largest mammal and is part of a 90 plus group known as cetaceans. Orcas also known as "killer whales" live out their lives in cold waters traveling in groups known as pods. Most Orcas never leave their mothers who are the matriarchs of the sea. Each pod has a distinct set of calls which scientists liken to dialects in language. The glyph in this image is based on Celtic art forms that celebrated the triple goddess as birther of the earth and seas. Its basic black and white, yin yang symbols remind us of the markings of this incredible sea mammal and also of the need to keep our environment in balance.


[Image Bergsma Art Gallery Card #3637]

"The Dream Creates The Journey"

Notes from Jody: The gift of a dream catcher to a new child, or to someone beginning a quest has been observed by Native Americans of many tribes for generations. Most often the gift-giver would weave their dream catchers with prayers to invoke grace and blessings from the Great Spirit, filling the web with special stone beads and feathers. The good luck piece would then be hung over a bed with trust that its magic web would capture bad dreams and negativity, granting only beauty and good fortune to its owner. The horse is one of mankind's oldest friends. As a symbol it is associated with the attribute of freedom, power, sensuality and travel.


[Image Gallery Art Card #3632 Storm Horses]

"Love Is The Strength... That Withstands The Storm."

Notes from Jody: The Fjord, or Westlands Pony, the mount of the Vikings, originated in Norway as one of the worlds oldest and purest breeds. This horse has a unique place in human history. It dates back four thousand years when it originally found its way to Norway. The Fjord is a "primitive" type and exhibits dun coloring with a stripe down the back and zebra markings on its legs. The mane and tail are composed of black hairs in the center and silver around the outside. The pleasant nature and gentle disposition of these horses make them much loved by all who are lucky enough to know them. Horses are symbols of freedom, travel, magic, physical desire and the ability to endure. The horse can take you on new journeys to awaken your own freedom and power.


[Image Bergsma Art Card #3630 Gallery]

"A Passion For Freedom!"

Notes from Jody: The wild, untamed horse is a symbol for all who love freedom.


[Image Love Light Guide Art Card Bergsma #3627]

"Let Love Be The Light That Guides You Home"

Notes from Jody: The symbol of the lighthouse has moved beyond simple practicality to the place of icon for cultures that regard light as a reference for spirit, love and the presence of God. You are the light of the world... let your light so shine. Matt 5:14-16.


[Image Bergsma Dragonfly Art Card #3626 Gallery]

"Dragonfly Woman... Embrace Your Dreams."

Notes from Jody: Dragonflies and Damselflies are ancient symbols for light, joy, and the ability to change, transform and dream. Their beautiful jewel-like colors take time to develop, reminding us that maturity brings out our brightest colors. Dragonflies were believed to have the power to help one bring about a bright transformation. Lily is a symbol of resurrection and is often used at Easter. Lily's are thought to be a protector and catalyst for our desires and dreams. Their fragrance reminds us it's a beautiful world, after all.


[Image Bergsma Art Gallery #3621 Art Card]

"Where There Is Love... There Is Life."

Notes from Jody: "King of the Jungle" is an appropriate title for this splendid creature. In folklore it is a symbol for the rising sun, and as a totem for the direction of the East, has close ties with the eagle, ruler of the air.This image was originally released as a limited edition print titled "Untamed Spirit... Keep our Souls Forever Free".


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3618]

"River Woman; (Le Femme Du Passage De Riviere)"

Notes from Jody: The earth is a woman; mother and giver of life. The devine feminine archetype, the goddess, waits to be honored in us and in the world. Her life giving gifts flow from her like a river. Look for her in nature and in yourself. She is there waiting to be remembered. Jody's inspiration of River Woman is the majestic Pyrenees Mountains in the South of France.


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3617]

"Shine Like the Sun" - Sunflower.

Notes from Jody: As a symbol of the sun, with its light, warmth and power, sunflower relates to the light in our lives emanating from the inner self. Sunflower was used in the past to increase happiness, attract joy and replace sorrow.


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3615]

"Soul Fire" - Red Poppy.

Notes from Jody: The poppy has been a symbol of the renewal of life and activity after sleep. Its essence represents the fire of your dreams. Let them inspire and animate you with a passion for life and your purpose. The vision of a bright red poppy can bring you courage to assert yourself, to express your feelings in all their colors and to shine as only your true self can.


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3614]

"Life Is Beautiful... By The Sea"

Notes from Jody: Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, Brown Pelicans, Sandpiper or Sanderling.


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3613]

"Spirit Of Illumination"

Notes from Jody: The Los Angeles Harbor Light was erected in 1913. It was originally named San Pedro Light after the harbor where it stands. It welcomes all ships at the breakwater entrance of this famous seaport. The bottlenose dolphin is the most widespread and best known marine mammal. More closely related to humans than fish, the dolphin sparks the imagination and love of their human cousins.


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3612]

"In The Company Of Eagles"

Notes from Jody: North Head Lighthouse. One of the most dangerous of the pacific coast estuaries is at the mouth of the mighty Columbia River. Hundreds of ships struck bottom or were simply overturned by massive breakers and sunk while trying to cross this shallow bar. Because of the importance of the Columbia waterway, efforts to build lighthouses at the headland began in 1850, making Cape Disappointment the home of one of the first lighthouses in the west. The lighthouse has become a world symbol for that which guides the traveler to safety. For many the eagle holds that same promise.


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3610]

"A Light After The Storm"

Notes from Jody: Fifty miles south of San Francisco is a beautiful lighthouse called Pigeon Point Lighthouse, so named in honor of the good ship Carrier Pigeon, sunk near-by. It's 115-foot tower soars over the Pacific. Sarah's Light - It is known that a woman named Sarah Coburn was tragically killed at Pigeon Point, and that sometimes in the fog you can see her spirit standing by the lantern room, or walking along the path to the sea. This painting is dedicated to her and the countless lost souls who long for some light in the darkness. For is that not the symbol of the lighthouse, a beacon in the dark and a light to guide our way?


[Image Bergsma Art Gallery Card #3609]


Notes from Jody: The wolf is the world's largest wild dog and distant canine cousin of the domesticated dog. If the dog is man's best friend, it is also true that the wolf, as the first domesticated animal, is also man's oldest friend. Most authorities agree that dogs were domesticated from wolves. The dog breeds depicted here with wolf are: Saint Bernard, Siberian Husky, Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever and Doberman Pinscher. These working dogs are devoted to the service of humankind and are deserving of our admiration, love and protection.


[Image Bergsma Art Gallery Card #3608]

"Soul Friends"

Notes from Jody: Our friend the cat was first recorded as domesticated approximately five thousand years ago in Egypt. The cat was worshipped in Egypt for more than two thousand years. The orientals also believed in cats as talismans of good fortune. These ancient cultures believed that cats were guides and protectors for their owners and that their special gift is that they can see what we cannot. A popular saying which embraces this thought today says it best. "Cats are angels in disguise."


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3607 Horses]

"Spirit Of Freedom"

Notes from Jody: The Clydesdale is an immensely strong yet graceful cold blood breed that can often grow to a height of seventeen hands. Most possess characteristic markings: spots on the belly, high white socks, a wild blaze and elegant feathering on the heels. Originally bred in Scotland by crossing local mares to heavier Flemish stallions, these sturdy animals soon found their way to America where a reliable draught horse was a commodity of enormous value. The sight of draught horses has become a rare one, but once witnessed it is never forgotten.


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3605 Flowers]

"Spirit of the Flowers. L'Esprit Des Fleurs"

Notes from Jody: Garden fairies and nature spirits are deeply engrained in the myths of the human family. In envisioning one of their faces I imagined one filled with light, love and peace. The circular mandala in this image is a classical symbol called Flower of Life. The iris is a symbol of potential. It assures us that anything is possible and the best is just beginning.


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3604]

"Prayer for a Perfect World" - Amaryllis.

Notes from Jody: The monarch butterfly is placed within the golden mean receptacle, whose proportions create a spiral. The spiral was believed by the ancients to symbolize life in this world. Flower Amaryllis, (Hippeastrum).


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3599 Horses]

"The Power Of Purpose"

Notes from Jody: The Friesian is one of Europe's oldest breeds. The Friesian is exclusively black with no white markings. Rumored to be the black horses of King Arthur, this very attractive animal has become a symbol of the noble spirit. The Dutch are justly proud of the strength and beauty this hallmark breed typifies. One of the world's most versatile horses.


[Image Bergsma Art Gallery Card #3581]

"Warmed By The Comfort Of A Friend."

Notes from Jody: Modern  longhaired cats are the descendants of two distinct breeds taken to Europe during the sixteenth century. One breed came from Turkey to France and were called Angoras. Later, heavier long-coated cats arrived in Europe from Persia and the two types intermingled. By the end of the 18th century the "Persian" was well established and today has become the most popular show cat. As pets the cat reigns. Domestic cats now outnumber dogs as the most popular household pet. A grand American tradition is the craft of triangular quiltmaking. The roses hidden within this design represent the expression of love that all cat-fanciers feel for the breed.


[Image Bergsma Art Gallery Card #3571]

"Journey To The Light"

Notes from Jody: The Orca, also known as 'killer whale', is considered by some to be the best known cetacean in the world. Orcas in the Puget Sound have a unique characteristic. Scientists believe that all Orca pods are actually families, consisting of mothers and their offspring. Scientists have observed that no whale has ever been seen to leave it's mother's pod voluntarily. This type of social organization in which both males and females spend their entire lives with their mothers has never been observed in another species. I have placed the whales in front of "the Patos Island light" of the San Juan islands.


[Image Bergsma Art Gallery Card #3566]

"Old Soles... Forever Young"

Notes from Jody: The quarter horse is North America's most popular breed. They are the result of crossing mares of Spanish descent with imported English stallions. Gentle and intelligent animals, with charm and inspiration, they help us remember that the young at heart never grow old.


[Image Bergsma Gallery Arty Card #3564]

"Purpose And Passion"

Notes from Jody: Puma, Panther, Mountain Lion, and Cougar are just a few of the names that describe the lion of North America. They have remarkable strength, are one of the most adaptable mammals on Earth, independent, shy, secretive. Because mountain lions are so strong, Native American peoples gave them special totem powers. Cougar medicine involves lessons in the use of power and leadership and at the heart of the cougar, lies courage. Cougar also represents creative energy of wind and fire. Kokopelli is associated with similar gifts and is playing the music of creation with purpose and passion.


[IMage Bergsma Art Gallery Card #3551]

"Seas The Day!"

Notes from Jody: The power and tenacity to survive; that is the meaning of the shark. Sharks have existed in their many varieties for thirty-five million years. There are approximately three hundred species ranging in size from that of a minnow to a small whale.


[Image Bergsma Art Gallery Card #3546]

"In The Beginning... A Dream"

Notes from Jody: Horses have been a dynamic part of Native American cultures since their introduction by the Spanish in the 1500's. Native use of the horse spread quickly, and they became a powerful friend, totem, and ally. The cave etchings of horses in this image were inspired by actual drawings in the southwest canyon of deChelly, located in Arizona, from a photograph taken by Dennis Kuhl. I can imagine the shaman artists scratching with a pointed stick in the soft sandstone, attempting to help themselves manifest their dreams. For the most part, cave painting was the ritual of telling a story before it actually happened.


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3544]


Notes from Jody: In Irish legend and Celtic folklore, there is a Goddess of horses, known as Epona to the Gauls, and Rhiannon to the Welsh. She was a deity of great power in a culture whose survival relied on the strength and stamina of the horse. A central figure in their rituals, the Goddess was often depicted as three horses interwoven in a Celtic knot, representing her triple aspects of maiden, mother, and crone. The Horse carries an ancient memory of the feminine divine for all Celtic people. Perhaps in the presence of the horse, we remember the legend of a Goddess we thought was forgotten.


[Image Bergsma Bears Gallery Art Card #3539]

"Bearly Hanging On."

Notes from Jody: Black bears, (Ursus Americanus), live in areas around the United States and Canada. They are rugged, solitary, and very shy. Even though black bears are seldom seen, they have come to represent many of our National Parks and the spirit of the wilderness itself. As rural America disappears, the black bear has learned to accept living near humans. He struggles to hold on in an ever changing world. As black bear habitat diminishes, we are becoming participants in their future way of life. This magnificent animal has been a significant part of our past, and it is up to us to make room for them in our tomorrows.


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3537]

"Brilliant Destiny." Parrot.

Notes from Jody: Hyacinth macaws, largest and rarest of the Parrots species are native to southern Brazil. These cobalt blue colored birds appear to have a perpetual smile, due to the shape of their lower beak. Their friendly appearance seems to match their disposition, as they are known as the "gentle giants". The celtic knot in this image is based on the six-pointed star and symbol of the "flower of life". These symbols have always signified the balance of the God force in this world which is something we desperately need if we hope to have a brilliant destiny.


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3500]

"Whatsoever Things Are Beautiful, ... Whatsoever Things Are Good... Think On These Things." Phil. 4:8.

Notes from Jody: Jody's "Natural Elements" paintings are inspired by her relationship to our natural world. She travels yearly to new locations and has used her studies of different native myths, symbols, and wildlife to help her unique vision.


[Image Bergsma Art Gallery Card #3499]

"This Is The Day... Which The Lord Has Made... We Will Rejoice... And Be Glad In It!" Psalm 118:24.

Notes from Jody: "My work is an attempt to break down complexity, to remember simplicity and freedom and to capture the still point in my world" Long open expanses of sparkling water, reeds rustling in the wind, cool forests filled with silence and dancing rays of sunlight; these are the memories of my childhood, my beginnings and the well on which I draw that never empties.


[Image Bergsma Galley Art Card #3493]

"We Are The Spirit Of The Clouds"

Notes from Jody: Appaloosas are the famous equine mounts of the Nez Perce people. They were originally seen in the Palouse Valley in Oregon and from this place the breed received its name. Native breeders believe these to be powerful medicine of spirit horses and that the spots represented raindrops of gifts from the spirits that live in the clouds. The more colorful your horse, the more magic it brought its rider. "Rain Drop Horse".


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3492]

"Gifts of the Salmon People" - Bear.

Notes from Jody: When you visit Alaskan historical exhibits, you are made sharply aware of the importance of the salmon runs, abundance of eagles, bears, and Orcas. The small fish carving is a fisherman's amulet, the box and pole are bear totems from Sitka.


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3489 Horses]

"Inspired By The Five Winds"

Notes from Jody: I once visited an Arabian horse ranch hidden away in a beautiful valley in Wyoming, where horses of every color ran like the wind across the hills. There is an old Native American tale from this region that says the colors of horses represent the sacred directions: Gold for east, Red for south, Black for west and Grey for north. White is the spirit within. These are the gifts of the five winds.


[Image Bergsma Gallery Art Card #3449]

"I Will Never Leave You... Nor Forsake You"

People & Spiritual Icons/Abstracts Art


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