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Megan Hagel Inspirational Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards Assortments

Jeff Foxworthy Greeting Cards, Magnets & more

Laugh with Leslie Cowgirls

Shari Jenkins - "Hotter Than a Pistol"

Shari Jenkins - Magnets, Notepad, 

Magnetic List Pads, Bookmarks!

"Miss Congeniality" Teri Puma Designs

"Lily and Val" Chalkboard Art

"Just Us Girls" Lorilynn Simms

"Celebrate Life Gallery"

  • Shaggy Dog Press; Laurel Burch

  • Holly Sierra; Josephine Wall

  • Charlotte Bird; Your True Nature

  • Jack Sorenson; Jeffrey Severn

  • Lee Bogle; Sue Zipkin

  • Qubes (Bill Bell); Pela Studio

  • Harriet Peck Taylor; Ann Scott

  • Collector's Cards

Leanin' Tree Card Assortment, Leanin' Tree Greeting Card Assortment, Leanin' Tree Inspirational Assortment

Boxed Greeting Card Assortments

"Greeted" Greeting Cards Assortments

Page 4

"Greeted" Greeting Cards Assortments

Page 3

"Greeted" Greeting Cards Assortments

Page 2

"Greeted" Greeting Cards Assortments

Page 1

"Blank" Greeting Cards Assortments

Inspirational Greeting Cards Assortments

Everyday Mini Cards Assortments

Christmas Mini Cards Assortments

Shaggy Dog Press Magnets

Magnets Collections

Laugh with Leslie Magnets

Kid Quips Magnets - Kate Harper

Your True Nature Magnets - Ilan Shamir

Inspirational Magnets

Assorted Magnets - Children, Fairies & Angels

Assorted Magnets - Peaceful & Floral

Assorted Magnets - Dogs & Cats

Assorted Magnets - Bears, Eagles, Wolves

Flavia MagnetsFlavia Weedn

Flexible Magnets

Girlfriends, Moms & Nostalgic Magnets

Life Is Country Magnets Ronnie Walter

Words Magnets

Assorted Magnets - Nostalgia & Humor

Sea Cove & Coastal Magnets

Horses Magnets

Native American Magnets

Assorted Magnets - Cowboy, Cowgirl, Western, Fishing, Hunting

Assorted Magnets - Pigs, Giraffe, Cows, Bunnies, Monkeys, Frogs

Leanin' Tree Collector Cards - 8.5x11 Cards - Page 1

Leanin' Tree Collector Cards - 8.5x11 Cards - Page 2

Rachael Hale "Dogs & Cats" Collector Cards - 8.5x11 Cards - Page 3

***Gift Bags

***Greeting Card Booklets

***Magnet Qubes Greeting Cards with Magnets

Notepads, Magnetic Shopping Lists & Organizer Pads

Assorted Notecards

***Now in stock!

  • Mugs - Michael Quackenbush, Leslie Moak Murray, Your True Nature, Working Girls Design.


Stationery 8.5x11 Packaged

***Highlight Activity Puzzles Pads & Railroad Trains Jigsaw Puzzles

Leanin' Tree Inspirational

Prayerworks Greeting Cards - Scripture

Celebration Greetings

Fresh Manna from God

Caroline Simas Greeting Cards

Focused On You "Inspirational" Cards

Lighthouse Greeting Cards

(Nicky Boehme, William Hallmark & more!)

***Sandy Bergeron

Inspirational Greeting Cards Assortments

"Uplifting" Magnet Greeting Cards

Scriptured Sand Scribbles

Siena - Flavia Inspirational

Kathryn Andrews Fincher

Judy Buswell Inspirational

Inspirational Magnets

Inspirational Puzzles

Cherish - Intrinsic Cards - Adele Basheer

Intrinsic Cards - Adele Basheer

Heart Blossoms - Karla Dornacher

Fractal Spirit  - Timothy Helgeson

Leanin' Tree Artists

Chiara Castellini, Debi HronAnn Scott

Retired! UDecide Greeting Cards

Charlotte Bird

Greg Giordano

Bubba and Bubbette - Christina Bynum Breaux

Jan Pashley & Stacey Yacula

Aunty Acid Greetings Cards

Aunty Acid Mugs, Napkins & Notepads

Maggie Mae's Family Album

Dominique Vari "Wild about Words"

Bridgeman Art Library "The Masters"

Lynnea Washburn, Gail Marie & Krista Hamrick

Holly Sierra, Paula M. Fitzpatrick & Harriet Peck Taylor

Lori Siebert & Pela Studio

Simon Griffiths (Americana)

Artist Jim Mazzotta

Sue Zipkin

Art that delights the spirit!

Barbara Ann Kenney

"Artful Dimensions" Connie Haley

Robbin Rawlings

Magic Starzz - Jayne Oliver

***Laugh with Leslie

*Laugh with Leslie Cowgirls

*Leslie Everyday Greeting Cards

*Leslie Birthday Greeting Cards & Notions Greeting Cards

*Leslie Holidays Greeting Cards

*Leslie Magnets, Notepad, List Pads, Assortments & Mugs

Laurel Burch - Page 1

Laurel Burch - Page 2

Nel Whatmore

Art for Living

Kathleen Francour

"Frou Frou Girls"

Maria WoodsPamela Silin-Palmer

Lisa Kaus, Suzi Skoglund  & bCreative, inc.

Shaggy Dog Press - Page 1

Shaggy Dog Press - Page 2

Michael Quackenbush

Yoga Dogs & Yoga Cats by Dan Borris

Jim Warren

Premium Greetings Connie Haley

Fresh Cut Floral - Connie Haley

Connie Haley Inspirational  & Robin Davis

Sand Scribbles

Magnet Qubes

Paper Heart Scrapbook Cards - Connie Haley

Your True Nature - Page 1

Your True Nature - Page 2

“That’s just wild” Animal Series (Supporting Animals Charities)

Susan Wheeler

Bunnies & more!

WitSend Greeting Cards

philoSophie'sJoanna Alberti

Nikki LaRochelle

Debbie Mumm

I'm Just Sayin'... by Working Girls Design

Gary Patterson

"Sports & Cats"

Susan Winget

Rachael McKenna

Qubes - Page 1

Qubes - Page 2

Patrick Reid O'Brien

Coastal Qubes - Page 1

Coastal Qubes - Page 2

Jeffrey Severn Laughing Bear

Rory Tyger Teddy Bears

Makiko (Teddy Bears)

Debra Jordan Bryan, Valorie Evers Wenk, Cheryl Welch

Margaret Sherry "Sherry Bear"

New! ***Margaret Sherry Kats & Magnificats

Bev Doolittle

Ronnie Walter Real Women Real Funny Greeting Cards

**Ronnie Walter Organizer Pads & Magnets

Born to Shop

& Linda Longmire

Bob Elsdale - "Pigs"

Enchanted Universe - Sheila Wolk, Gilbert Williams, Maxine Gadd, Bente Schlick, Cindy de Luz, Kate Beetle

Bee Sturgis

Family Captions


Puppy Dogs & Kitty Cats

Bill Bell, Linda Picken, Robert George Bowdige, Bryan Moon, Rachael Hale, & more!

Rachael Hale

Rachael Hale "Dogs & Cats" Collector Cards

Ron Burns Puppy Dogs

Ronnie Walter Dogs & CatsBunny

Gretchen Kish Serrano - Pawcasso Dogs & Cats

Will Bullas - Ducks, Cow, Pig

Karin Connolly

Sweet Willow Bay

Elizabeth Miles

Floral Greetings - Phillips Allrich, Harold Feinstein, Randy DanaTina Higgins

Tina Wenke, Vicky Howard, Bambi PapaisAlixandra MullinsLouise Grunewald

Audrey Jeanne Roberts, Heidi Satterberg, Carolyn Blaylock, Claire Stoner, & Carolyn Shores Wright

Sandi Gore Evans, Barbara Mitchell, Linda Carter Holman

Valerie Tabor Smith, Mary Baxter St. Clair, Lisa Jane

Angels, Faerie Journals, Dona Gelsinger, Marius Michael-GeorgeKaren Dvorak

Angels & Unicorns - Doreen Virtue sold out!

Angels, Fairies


Kirk Reinert

John Arthur

Betsy Cameron

Kathleen Parr McKenna

Jennifer O'Meara, Anne Marie Esson

Scenic Beauty Cards

Derk Hansen, James Coleman, Anthony Casay & more!

Viv Eisner

Times Remembered & Best Wishes

Teri Martin

Josephine Wall - Deluxe, Select Cards

Josephine Wall Notelets, Collector's Cards!

Josephine Wall - Notecards, Magnets, Notepad, Bookmarks, Assortments, Holidays

Josephine Wall Zodiac

Anne Ormsby, Genevieve Pfeiffer, Lori Wiseman, Cherry Pie Studio

Notions Cards

Pepper Tharp, Dona Turner, Anthony Morrow

Kid's World Cards

Jody Bergsma Assortments, Select Cards, Kid's World

Jody Bergsma - Inspirational

Jody Bergsma Stationery, Magnets, Notepads

Leanin' Tree Cowboys, Cowgirls, Native American, Western

Jack Sorenson "Cowboy" Cards

Cowboy & Cowgirl Cards

Shari Jenkins - "Hotter Than a Pistol"

Western Premium Greeting Cards

Lipstick Ranch - KC Willis

Lee Bogle, Native American Windsong

Gallery of Horses - Page 1

Gallery of HorsesPage 2

Native American Greeting Cards, Bookmarks,

8.5x11 Stationery, Notepads, List Pads

Native American Magnets

Wildlife Gallery, Heart of the West,

Ranger Rick, Southwest Images

**** (Wolves, Eagles, Bears, Moose)

Cactus Greeting Cards

Charles Pabst & John Fielder

Sealife & Fishing

Illustrated Escapes, Inc.

Butterflies, Birds

Bears, Frogs, Bugs, Pigs

Leanin' Tree "Humor" Greeting Cards - Mike Scovel, Boots Reynolds

Leanin' Tree Holidays


***Boxed Christmas Cards, Christmas Assortments & Singles!

Christmas Mini Assortments

Single Christmas Greeting Cards

Boxed Christmas Deluxe Boxed

Greeting Cards & Stationery

More >> Christmas Cards!

  • Leslie Moak Murray, Michael Quackenbush, Connie Haley,

  • Robbin Rawlings, Laurel Burch

  • Charlotte Bird, Patrick O'Brien, Yoga Dogs,

  • Working Girls Design, Jim Mazzotta, Chiara Castellini

Halloween & Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

More  Halloween & Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

Valentine's Day Greeting Cards

***St. Patrick's Day Special Occasion

  • Easter Single Greeting Cards

  • More Easter Single Greeting Cards

Mother's Day Single Greeting Cards

Leanin' Tree Cards

Leanin' Tree Assortment

Leanin' Tree Magnet

Leanin' Tree Stationery

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