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Rachel Hale McKenna is one of New Zealand’s most prolific and talented photographers.

Rachael Hale McKenna's Babies Greeting Cards @$2.99 ea.

[Image Legacy RHM Chillin' Baby #16529]

#16529 Chillin' Baby

Birthday Fun

"Kick up your heels!"

"It's your birthday!"

[Image Legacy RHM Lollipop baby #16530]

#16530 Lollipop Baby


"My fingers are stuck to this lollipop, otherwise, I'd give you a great big hug!"

"Hope your birthday is extra sweet! Happy Birthday!"

[Image Legacy RHM Baby Pondering #16531]

#16531 Baby Pondering



"I thought it meant Hug-a-Baby-Day! Oh well... Happy Birthday works too!"

[Image Legacy RHM My Cake Baby #16532]

#16532 My Cake

Birthday Fun

"She loved her cake more than anything in the world!"

"Except Presents, that is. Hope your Birthday's full of Sweet Surprises!"

[Image Legacy RHM Petal Baby #16533]

#16533 Petal Baby


"You've been beautiful..."

"...since the day you were born! Hope your birthday is something special, just like you!"

[Image Legacy RHM Flower Baby #16534]

#16534 Flower Baby

Thank You



[Image Legacy RHM Blanket Baby #16535]

#16535 Blanket Baby

Thank You

"Aw shucks. YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE!"

"BUT I'M GLAD YOU DID. Thanks so much!"

[Image Legacy RHM Cutest Baby Face #16536]

#16536 Cutest Baby Face

Get Well

"You're sick? That stinks!"

"Get Well Soon!"

[Image Legacy RHM Baby's Puppy #16537]

#16537 Baby's Puppy

Get Well

"Word on the street is..."

"'re under the weather. Bummer! Hope you feel better soon!"

[Image Legacy Baby Giggle Friendship #16538]

#16538 Baby Giggle


"You crack me up!"

"No one makes me laugh like you do!"

[Image Legacy RHM Tubby Time #16539]

#16539 Tubby Time


"You and me go together..."

" fartin' in a bubble bath!"

[Image Legacy RHM Sudsy Baby #16540]

#16540 Sudsy Baby



"I couldn't be more happy for you! This is better than a baby belly laugh!"


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