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TK's Monkeys, Apes & Gorillas Merchandise!

[Image Planet of the Apes Attar Bust]

Planet of the Apes Attar Bust Attar

Prodigious, massive, sword yielding, armored Gorilla Warrior - ultimate brute force as personified in the ape world - a formidable opponent, with or without weaponry, to all who would oppose him. The approach of his silhousette, or the mention of his name, strikes fear into hearts of wary humans. His devotion to ape doctrine is total, literal, and spiritual. He is not burdened by deeper thought. His military prowess is legendary. Only opened to make sure it's in pristine condition. $29.99.; sold out!

Exclusively for Tower Records & NECA. This is heavy; 11 pounds before putting in a ship box.

[Image Planet of the Apes Lunchbox with Metal Drink Container]

Planet of the Apes #2 Rule the Planet Lunchbox.

Metal Drink Container included! Numbered on the bottom of the lunchbox so not sure if only 3600 of these were made? It measures 8.5 inches across by 6.75 inches tall and about 4 inches wide. It has a black handle on top. NECA. $19.99.; sold out!

Mighty Joe Young Beanbag. 8 inches tall. From Disney's Mighty Joe Young. Wonderful Ape! $9.95; sold out!

[Small image of item]

Hallmark Ape with Red Backpack Plush. Inside his tag reads: You're better than bananas or my favorite climbing tree--I'm ape for you--all I can do is love you helplessly! So since you know my feelings, you won't be surprised to see a special back-pack-valentine that's stuffed with love from me! He's a chocolate brown in color with a red backpack and scarf around his neck in the colors of red/white/black. Front of tag reads: Ape for you. $17.95. He measures about 10.5 inches tall sitting. (2); sold out!

Jake the Monkey, style #7043, introduced January 1, 2000, Ty Classic $29.95; sold out!

[Image Bananas Orangutan Buddy Ty]

Bananas Orangutan Ty Beanie Buddy - $16.95 ea. (2); sold out!

[Image Bongo Monkey Buddy Ty]

Bongo Monkey Ty Buddy - $16.95 (1); sold out!

[Image Cheeks Baboon Buddy & Beanie Ty]

Cheeks Baboon Ty Buddy - $16.95 (1); sold out!

[Image Congo Gorilla Beanie Buddy]

Congo Gorilla Beanie Ty Buddy - $16.95  ea. (4); sold out!

[Image Schweetheart Monkey Buddy Regular Ty]

Schweetheart Orangutan Ty Regular Buddy - $24.95; sold out!

[Image Schweetheart Monkey Buddy Large Ty]

Schweetheart Orangutan Ty Large Buddy - $69.95; sold out!

[Image Schweetheart Monkey Buddy XL Ty]

Schweetheart Orangutan Ty Extra Large Buddy - $99.95; sold out!

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