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Leanin' Tree Greeting Cards with Scripture

Inspirational Pass It On Cards, Verse Cards & more!

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Patriotic Greeting Cards, Boyds Resin, Boyds Plush, Baskets


retired; last of stock!

Freedom "Blank" Greeting Cards Assortment @$16.95 per box

[Image LT Freedom Blank Cards Asst #9628]

Front of package

[Image LT Freedom Cards Asst Back of pkg. 9628]

Cards shown inside package

20 Blank Cards with full color interiors - two each of 10 designs; Deluxe Cards - 5.5"x7.25".

Artists: Sandy Rusinko, Jody Bergsma, Rick Kelley, Nancy Kaestner, Schim Schimmel, Connie Haley, Judy Buswell, Kim McElroy.

Order #ASTM90628; last of stock; retired!

[Image LT Mini Asst America Beautiful #34608]

Notelet card size: 4.25"x5.5"
  • 12 cards (3 each of 4 designs) & 12 colorfully designed envelopes per box
  • Cards feature full-color interiors
  • Packaged in a stylish Folio gift box

America the Beautiful "Blank Assortment" - Connie Haley

#Mini34608 @$9.95 per box

[Image Bersgma Patriotic Eagle Stationery #6108]

  • 8.5 x 11 Stationery & Matching Envelopes @$8.95 per pkg.
  • Laser & inkjet compatible & acid free

Jody Bergsma Patriotic Eagle Stationery (18 Sheets & 18 Envelopes)

Order #STY46108

[Image Eagles Jody Bergsma Boxed Notes #35370]

  • Packaged Notecards - 4.25"x5.5"; 8 notes (same design), 8 envelopes @$4.50 per pkg:
  • Printed on recycled paper.

Eagles & Flag

Eagle, Flag, Geometry, USA, America, Star of David, Patriotic

Artist Jody Bergsma

#BNC35370 - retired; last of stock!***

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"Patriotic" The Boyds Resin Series is in Special Honor to those who make our country safe & free!

[Image Boyds Billy Bearyproud Globe #270528]

Billy Bearyproud - Boyds Bearstones & Dollstones Bearstones for All Occasions "All In A Day's Work!" Water Globe.

They may be some big shoes to fill...but one day Billy knows he's going to be a soldier just like his ol' dad! Wind-up musical waterball plays "The Star Spangled Banner."

Order #B270528


Hug A Mugs; all retired!

[Image Boyds Tommy Bearproud Mug #390533]Tommy Bearyproud... God Bless America Hug A Mug. An all-American bear with an artistic flair! Two piece set features detailed resin coaster and a coordinating mug. Order #B390533

[Image Angelica Boyds Hug Mug #390534]Angelica... Wish Upon A Star Hug A Mug. Wish you may...wish you might...Angelica will help you wish upon a star tonight...right after this cup of coffee! Two piece set features detailed resin coaster and a coordinating mug. Order #B390534

[Image Betsy Mug B390525]

Betsy The Patriot Americana Hug A Mug. Mug is 3.75" tall. Coaster is 4.5"Wx5.25"Lx3"H. A great way to give to teachers, co-workers & friends. Fill with coffee beans, tea bags, or candy for a quick, pick-up gift!

A great gift for Bear-Americans everywhere! This ceramic coffee mug features a heartwarming design and rests in its own "hug"-a patriotic scene that features American flag stitcher Betsy!

Order #B390525; Boyds Collection! RETIRED

[Image Boyds GI Bruin Military Plush #B905000]

G. I. Bruin - Boyds #905000

10 inches tall, fully jointed, poseable & dressed in a camouflage outfit

(And the caissons go rolling along! G.I. Bruin is a tribute America's brave men and women who protect and serve their country at home and abroad!)

Boyds Best Dressed Series Military Plush

$24.95 ea.

[Image Airman Bearsdale Military Bear Boyds Plush]

Airman Bearsdale - Boyds #905003

10 inches tall, fully jointed, dressed in his classy uniform with shirt & tie

(Nothing can stop the U.S. Air Force! Airman Bearsdale is a tribute America's brave men and women who serve as the guardians of the mighty blue yonder!)

Boyds Best Dressed Series Military Plush

$24.95 ea.

[Image Franklin B. Beansley Paws Boyds Bear #919846]

Franklin B. Beansley - Month of July 2005

"Boyds Bear of the Month Collection"

July's Boyds Bear of the Month edition...Franklin is fully jointed and made of soft white fur with bean and poly-filling featuring an extra helpin' of beans! Franklin's all ready for Independence Day with his red, white and blue neck ribbon and red and blue start spangled paw pads! 18"H. #B919846; RETIRED!

[Image D.C. Washington Pawsatively Boyds]

D. C. Washington - 16" tall, Plush fur with poly stuffing, poseable! - Month of May 2005

"Boyds Bear of the Month Collection"

Dee is 16-inches high with a built in, wind-up music box plays The Star Spangled Banner! She's fully jointed and made of soft n' fuzzy gold plush with poly filling for a soft, full-bodied look! A hand-knit, hooded sweater in red and blue with white stars, a red, white and blue pom-pom and star-detailed metal buttons keeps this patriotic bear cozy and in the spirit!

Order #B919843; RETIRED!

Introducing The Patriotic Boyds Crumpleton Family!
  • Each member of the Crumpleton family is handcrafted with the same attention to detail as the resin figurines, but on a much larger scale.
  • Designed with a variety of media--from resin and foam to wire and stiffened fabric.
  • These hand-fashioned, hand-painted, and hand-assembled masterpieces often include a ton of cute mixed-media accessories (baskets, bags, boxes...).
  • Authentic uniforms & extra details.
  • Each Crumpleton is hand-numbered and stamped with a Pawprint somewhere on the piece as a symbol of authenticity. Because of the Boyds original design they can stand on their own!

[Small Image Navy McBear 73123]

Navy Seaman McBear "The Crumpletons" in tribute to folks in the Armed Forces! Measures 13" tall. McBear is heading out on a six-month deployment! This resin Crumpleton figure wears an authentic Navy sailor's cap and uniform (starched fabric!) and shiny resin shoes and carries a duffel bag packed with his supplies! Order #BH73123; $34.99 ea. Retired!

[Small Image Airman McBruin 73124]

Airman McBruin Air Force "The Crumpletons" in tribute to folks in the Armed Forces! Measures 12" tall. McBruin is charting his next course for adventure. This resin Crumpleton figure wears an authentic Air Force bomber jacket and pants (starched fabric!) and resin shoes. He comes with resin goggles and a flight book and salutes proud Americans everywhere! Order #BH73124; $34.99 ea. Retired!

[Small Image Marine Bearster 73125]

Marine Bearster Marine "The Crumpletons" in tribute to folks in the Armed Forces! Measures 13.25" tall. Bearster protects freedom wherever he goes! This resin Crumpleton figure wears an authentic Marine Corp dress uniform (starched fabric!) and resin shoes and hat. He is proud to serve his country and salutes the nation! Order #BH73125; $34.99 ea. Retired!; sold out!

[Boyds Glory B904194]

Glory Americana Plush Peeker Teddy Bear. 6"H. Dressed wonderfully in a Red, White & Blue Star. $16.95 ea.

Glory's a star on Capitol Hill! This mocha bear wears a corduroy and cotton American star peeker costume with star embroidery, and features a lil' star tattoo on her food pad (youch!).

Order #B904194 - Boyds Collection! RETIRED

[Image Military Prayer Verse Card #3780 UD]

Verse Card - A Military Prayer. Lord, I ask for - COURAGE - to face and conquer my own fears. STRENGTH - strength of body to protect others and strength of spirit to lead others. DEDICATION - to do my job faithfully. BELIEF - help me to remember, Lord, that all power rests in you, and to remember that you have promised to be always by my side. Amen. Be strong and let your heart take courage. Psalm 27:14.

2.5"x3.5". Space on back of card with To: & From: $.95 ea.

Order #VCU3780


HEROES - The World's Greatest Super Hero Creators Honor The World's Greatest Heroes 9-11-2001. Marvel Comics Direct Edition. Second printing, Vol. 1, No. 1, December 2001. This project book to honor the Heroes of 9-11; the artwork is phenomenal and the words will love forever. Many artists collaborated together to create.

Instead of Spider-Man, the X-Men and the Avengers, the superheroes they drew are firefighters, police officers, emergency workers and airline passengers.

The result of this joint effort is a special edition comic book, ``Heroes,'' containing 64 illustrations by more than 100 artists, colorists, writers and editors. $24.95. (1)

[Small image of Glory Bear]

Glory Patriotic Teddy Bear is 11 inches tall. He's made of beautiful red wavy mohair with flag ribbon feet. He wears a white and blue ribbon ruffle. $124.95.

Patty Duke Mohair Teddy Bears - Handmade of 100% German Mohair with hand blown glass eyes. The head of each bear has a special "Bobble" joint that moves when the bear is moved. This movement is intentional. By Patty Duke & Ann Inman-Looms.

Freedom the American Eagle

[Image Freedom American Eagle Figure Mezco]

Freedom the American Eagle Figure. Ages 8 & up. Year 2002. Freedom is for remembrance.

The action figure Freedom the American Eagle is a collaboration between Mezco (Freedom was a concept created by Mez, head of Mezco), Varner Studios (the sculpting), and Design Edge (the packaging). The cardback says it best: "A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Freedom the American Eagle will be donated to relief funds for the victims of the September 11th tragedies."

Freedom the American Eagle stands around seven inches tall, but has an imposing sculpt which makes him appear much larger. His wings are semi-spread behind him, adding to his menacing appearance. Articulated at the shoulders (ball joints), elbows, wrists, waist, and hips, Freedom is built more for display value than for play or posing. Both hands are sculpted as fists and either can hold the flag, although the left hand seems more natural for the flag, as his right arm's sculpt lends itself especially well to being a flexed arm showing off muscle. His wings are about seven inches across at their broadest point.

Freedom's base is a relief map of the continental United States, with adhesives on the bottom. The bevel on the front of the base has "Freedom the American Eagle" emblazoned on it in a fiery orange/red. Freedom stands astride the base with his feet in the Rocky and Appalachian Mountain ranges. The flag accessory comes with a gold-toned eagle ornament for the head of the staff and a spear-like bottom ornament. The ornaments slide on and off the staff, allowing it to be placed in Freedom's hand. The flag itself is ruffled and thus is perpetually waving, making it a nice display piece.

Freedom's packaging is an oversized blister card, with the card's top outline cut to resemble a waving flag. As is Mezco's tradition, Varner Studios and Design Edge are credited on the back of the card. $49.95. (1 only)

[Image Libearty Teddy Bears Regular & Large Ty] Libearty Teddy Bear (USA Exclusive) Ty Beanie Buddy - $29.95 ea.; RETIRED

Libearty Teddy Bear Large (USA Exclusive) Ty Beanie Buddy. $69.95; RETIRED

[Image Libearty Teddy Bear Extra Large] Libearty Teddy Bear Extra Large (USA Exclusive) Ty Beanie Buddy - Retired - $99.95.; RETIRED

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