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Star Trek 1992

Star Trek Convention Pin. A date on back shows 1992. It measures about 2 inches tall by about an inch across. $24.95. (1)

Star Trek Convention

Star Trek Pin from Star Trek Convention in Nevada. Still in unopened plastic. $24.95. (1)

Mario Nintendo 6 piece Pins as a Set. This special set came in a plastic box. Only displayed in our Store behind glass & then stored away. It says on back: 1988 Nintendo of America Inc. Taiwan. $99.95. They range in size from 1" to 1.25" each. Insert found with plate that says Nintendo Collector Pin Set.

Image not shown of the "I Saved The Princess Mario" Pin!

Eldorado Hotel Casino Reno Keychain. $19.95. (1)

Giorgio Perfume Celebrate 10 Extraordinary Years Pin. $19.95. (1)

Dragonfly by Kenneth J. Lane for Avon. Enamel & Rhinestone. About 3.25 inches long across wingspan. $34.95. (1)

Turtle Pin "Coral with Black Swirl Design on body" Gerry's on the underside of the Pin! Coral color stone for shell and coral eyes. Measures about 1.25 inches long. $24.95. (1)

Avon Kitty Cat with Bell Gold color Pin. The bell even moves around! Rhinestone blue jewel eyes! About 25 years old. Underside does say "Avon" About 1.5 inches tall. $29.95. (1)

Hummingbird Gold color Pin. This may be an Avon Pin but not sure; marking on inside wing that we're not able to read. Rhinestone garnet colored eye gem. Almost 2 inches tall. $14.95. (1)

Avon Mouse Gold color Tac Pin. Tail is clear Rhinestone gems, eyes are blue Rhinestone gems. Underside does say "Avon". About 1.5 inches tall including tail. About 25 years old. $24.95. (1)

Disneyland Castle Charm with Bracelet. This is about 23+ years old; never worn, used, etc. Walt Disney Productions cast or stamped on the back of the Charm. It measures about .75 inches tall. The length of the bracelet chain is about 3.75 inches on one side. Charm can be used on a bracelet or necklace. $49.95.

Gold Owl Charm with black eyes. Measures close to an inch tall. Not used stored only; about 30 years old. Nice weight to it. Not sure if this was an Avon Charm or Monet or ? Great gift for the graduate, a Charm collector, or an Owl collector. Charm can be used on a bracelet or necklace. $34.95.

Gold Tree with Colored Gemstones Charm. Multi-colored red, green & blue faux gemstones. About 25-30 years old. Close to an inch tall. Great gift for a Christmas Tree collector, Christmas lover, or Charm collector. Charm can be used on a bracelet or necklace. Nice weight to it. Not sure if this was an Avon Charm or Monet or ? $39.95.

Charm Poodle Gold color. Rhinestone black eyes. About 1.5 inches tall; has a charm loop attached. May be Avon. Gold color. About 30 years old. $29.95. (1)

Avon Pitcher & Bowl Charm. Gold color. Comes with the hoop attached; .75 inches tall. About 30 years old. $29.95. (1)

Monet Elephant Pin. Gold color. Clear colored Rhinestone gems on his back and his eye. About 2 inches long. $14.95. (1)

Monet Bee Pin. Gold color. 1.5 inches tall from the top of his wings to his feet. $14.95. (1)

Ghostbusters Set of 2 Collectible Pins Set. Says on the back 1989 Columbia Pictures Industries Inc.; All rights reserved; Taiwan. $34.95 set. They measures about 1".

Dick Tracy Collectible Enamel Pin. On the back it says: Disney. Made in Taiwan. Gift Creations Inc. $14.95. It measures about 1".

Spuds McKenzie Collectible Pin. It shows him in his yellow with black splats shirt. It measures about 7/8". $19.95.

Bart Simpson Enamel Pin. Says on the front: Bart Simpson Radical Dude on the outside of the circle. It says: Matt Groening on the inside of the circle. Says on the back: The Simpson TM 1990; 20th Cent. Fox Film Corp.; Made in Taiwan; Gift Creations Inc. 1-1/8". $19.95. (1)
The Simpsons Family Button Pin. Dated 1989.Very good condition. Included will be a Homer Simpson Pin that says "No Problem" at no extra charge for it is in scratched condition. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. $19.95. (1)

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