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Dice Nevada

Sparks Nevada Nugget Pair of Old Dice. They have numbers on them with the letter "A" in front. Blue lettering with Nugget Sparks, Nev. May be from the early 80's? $34.95. (1)

Jerry Lewis

The Jerry Lewis Telethon Labor Day 1981 Round Button Pin. $19.95 each. (2)

Pearl Bailey

Love Pearl Bailey Round Button Pin (large) when she appeared in the 80's in Nevada local Showroom. $29.95 each. (1)

Red Skelton 70th Birthday Celebration Paper Pin in plastic when he was performing at a local Casino in Nevada. $5.95. (1)

Circus Circus Hotel Casino Reno Las Vegas Button Pin. Not sure of the year for it may have been 15-20 years ago; may have been an employee pin. $14.95. (1)

Sparks Nugget Bull Sale 1984 Button Pin. $22.95. (1)

Super Mario

Super Mario Bros. Button Pin Movie Promotion from 1993, Nintendo. $11.95 each. (2)


Highlander The Final Dimension "This time it's for eternity." Button Pin Movie Promotion. $9.95 each. (2)

Needful Things "Just say no to the devil." Button Pin Movie Promotion, 1993 Castle Rock Entertainment. $11.95 each. (2)

Robocop 3

RoboCop 3 "You called for Backup" Pin Movie Promotion from 1993 Orion Pictures. $9.95 each. (2)

Dark Half

The Dark Half Pin Movie Promotion from 1993 Orion Pictures. $7.95 each. (2)


Outbreak "Try to remain calm." Button Pin Movie Promotion from 1995 Warner Bros. $9.95 each. (2)


Hellraiser 4 Bloodline Button Pin Movie Promotion. $6.95 each. (2)

The Mangler

The Mangler Button Pin Movie Promotion from 1994 New Line Productions. $6.95. (1)


Pssst! Round Button Pin. $6.95. (1)


Dean's Collectors Club Membership Pin Badge (Maroon & Gold) from 1997, The Dean's Times Autumn 1997, The Club Reporter Issue 10, July 1997, Dean's 1997 Catalog, Membership information introducing Horace Teddy Bear, The Dean's Rag Book Company Complete Series of 16 Postcards for year 1997:
  • Rufus & Jimmy Bean, No. 01
  • Welsh Lady (Maid of Wales)
  • Branigan (A Good Read)
  • Mr. Mainwaring
  • Philip & Eddie (Dear Mum......)
  • Little Rascal & Tug (Conkering Heroes)
  • Tom, Dick, & Harry (The Last Drop!)
  • Sam & Bruno
  • Alex & Kevin (United Fans)
  • Lloyd, Stefan and Paul & Timmy (Watch the Teddy!)
  • Lloyd (Here's To You!)
  • Joey the Clown
  • Stefan by Candlelight
  • Barry and Yellow Bear (Always Together)
  • Grandma Doris, Grandpa Terry, Buttons & Mini Eddie (Bedtime Stories)
  • Geoff & Geraldine (Thanks A Bunch!)

Goofy Millenium Pin. Countdown to the Millennium #99 Pin. Goofy in Mickey's Revue 1932. 1st Film. Mint in package. $18.95. (1)

I Choose Jafra large Round Button Pin. $8.95. (1)

I love my job! Jafra Round Button Pin. $8.95. (1)

Dreamsicles Club Celebrating 5 Years Round Button Pin. $8.95. (1)

Puffkins Heart shaped Button pin. Ask me about the new Puffkins Collectibles by Swibco. $6.95. (1) 

March of Dimes Superwalker IGT 1993 Round Button Pin. $6.95. (1)

Telephone Pioneers of America Region 2 & Welcome Silver State #101. Opened bag to take this image and back of pin is discoloring. $9.95. (1)

Semi-Cloisonne Pins

"Star Wars Episode 1" by Applause

"Star Wars Episode 1" by Applause Collectible Semi-Cloisonne Pins (12 in all in the collection - set only $74.95):

These semi-cloisonne pins have all the aesthetic beauty needed to be a collectible item. The recessed wells are filled with one color at a time and then fired in an oven to a shiny finish. The pin is then ground to remove excess enamels and polished to a high gloss.

Darth Maul #43124

Anakin Skywalker #43120

Queen Amidala #43132

Obi-Wan Kenobi #43131

Qui-Gon Jinn #43133

Jar Jar Binks #43129

R2D2 #43134

C-3PO #43122

Star Wars Episode 1 logo #43135

Battle Droid #43121

Naboo Starfighter #43130

Droid Starfighter Trade Federation #43136

Nevada Bell Hot Air Balloon 75 Years of Service Pin. 1913-1988. $14.95. If you love hot air balloons or collecting pins this is a wonderful addition to your collection! It measures about 1-1/8".

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