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Jakers! Characters:

Piggley Winks - This spirited eight year-old pig is our hero and the unofficial leader of the youngsters in and around the village of Tara. He's a spunky, creative, imaginative rascal, with a streak of mischief running through his veins and a definite gift of the gab. His Favourite activity is going on adventures (don't ask him to sit still!) with his two best friends, Ferny the Bull and Dannan the Duck.

If there's a simple, straight-forward way of doing's of no interest to Piggley! He'd rather uncover the mysteries in everyday life, explore the outer reaches of imagination, and cook up exciting new schemes.

Ferny Toro - Ferny's enthusiasm for new experiences and his deep admiration for Piggley make him a loyal, eager, trustworthy and devoted friend. He's an innocent, strong, loyal, fun-loving eight year-old, who is cautious but curious. He likes speaking Spanish with his dad, Don Toro, and enjoys making up his own songs (in fact, it's his favourite music). Ferny sees the good in everyone and everything.

Dannan O'Mallard - The level head in this wildly energetic world, Dannan is one sensible and down-to-earth duck. However, when push comes to shove, the pluck in this duck surfaces and she will bravely rush in to assist her friends. Pragmatic, smart and courageous, Dannan can be stubborn and logical to a fault-but she's also a sucker for romantic songs, and loves nothing more than being with her friends (and dislikes nothing more than being left out!).

Wiley The Sheep - A legend in his own mind, Wiley was imported from America to join Raloo Farm. He's much more hip and aware than any of the sheep around him, and tries every trick in the book to get the flock to loosen up a little-sing, dance, anything besides standing around chewing grass all the time, following along like, well, sheep! But here's Wiley's little secret: though he sometimes gets exasperated with his sheepish followers, he hides a soft spot for them under his wise-guy exterior.

Molly Winks - Piggley's independent, plucky, adorable five year-old sister, Molly is always ready at a moment's notice to get in there and play with the big kids. In fact, she's annoyed that she's not old enough to go to school yet. When the other kids aren't around, Molly is content to amuse herself using her own world of imagination.

Mr. Winks - Piggley's dad loves being a farmer, even though it's not always an easy life. Piggley gets his gift for storytelling from his dad, who knows plenty of myths and legends, and has a creative streak of his own - especially when it comes to getting Piggley to do his chores.

Mrs. Winks - The earthy, no-nonsense mother of Piggley and Molly, she also has a twinkle in her eye. She enjoys cooking for her family (especially corned beef, cabbage and apple pie), but isn't too pleased when Piggley and his friends sneak off with the fresh pie she just baked! Fortunately, she appreciates Piggley's imagination, and is always loving and supportive.

Don Toro - Ferny's single dad, a native of Spain, is the blacksmith in the village of Tara. Strong, sensitive and warm-hearted, he's also a good source of wisdom and advice in times of need.

Mr. Hornsby - Piggley, Dannan and Ferny's schoolteacher is a tall, thin goat with pince-nez glasses. He holds high expectations for his students and cares very much about each child in his classroom.

Miss Nanny - The local shopkeeper and music teacher is a kind and generous goat of a certain age - but behind that "old lady" face is a wannabe rock-n-roll star! Just goes to show, you can't judge by appearances.

Fergal O'Hopper - A bunny friend of Piggley, Ferny and Dannan's, Fergal hates being the smallest one in the class - but his artistic talent is bigger than life.

Hector MacBadger - Another schoolmate, Hector isn't a bad badger, but sometimes he has an odd way of showing his friendship - like tricking the friends into giving up their lunches by pretending to be a troll.

Millie Pelly - A pretty little piglet, Millie is the object of Ferny's affection - and guess what? She likes him, too.

Katrina Farrell - Outgoing and athletic Katrina is Millie's best friend. Katrina is outspoken and expects others to be as honest and forthright as herself.

Grandpa Piggley - A masterful storyteller with a great sense of adventure, Grandpa is a warm and loving grandfather who still retains much of the rascally quality of his youth. He loves to spin good tales, particularly those about his adventurous childhood back on Raloo Farm. Although Grandpa Piggley may embellish a bit, his stories have a strong core of universal truth about them.

Sean & Seamus - Grandpa Piggley's eight year-old twin grandsons may not be alike in every way, but they do have two big things in common: they both love listening to their grandfather's stories - and they both love to tease their older sister Meg!

Meg - The long-suffering big sister of Sean and Seamus, she loves roller-blading and dance music and hearing Grandpa Piggley's stories. Though the twins drive her to distraction, she doesn't mind teasing them back (and in her heart of hearts, she has to admit she actually likes them).

Mum - Grandpa Piggley's daughter and loving parent to the twins and Meg, she's a product of her time - stressed and a bit frazzled. Her marital status is intentionally left undeclared so that she can be perceived in any role: married, divorced, single.


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