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[Imager Mouse Hugging Bear Card #FR60074 SZ]

Willie Bear hugging Herkimer Mouse Friendship Greeting Card. Outside reads: "You are such a blessing..." Inside reads: "... to me!" Back of card reads: Herkimer Mouse has found a true friend in Willie Bear. $2.25 each.

Order #FR60074

[Image Willie Bear in Meadow Card #FR60077 SZ]

Willie Bear with Butterflies Friendship Greeting Card. Outside reads: "Thinking of you!" Inside reads: "Hoping you are having a good day!" Back of cards reads: Willie Bear finds a moment to commune with the butterflies. $2.25 each.

Order #FR60077

[Image Gussie & Martha Friend Card #FR60075 SZ]

Grandma Gussie & Martha Marmot Friendship Greeting Card. Outside reads: "Our friendship..." Inside reads: "...means more to me all the time!" Back of card reads: Grandma Gussie and her closest neighbor Martha Marmot are dear friends. $2.25 each.

Order #FR60075

[Image Suzy Clap Hands Thanks Card #TY60076 SZ]

Suzy Clapping Hands (light blue background with white dots) Thank You Greeting Card. Outside reads: "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Inside reads: "I really appreciate you!" Back of card reads: Suzy Ducken is very expressive when she says thank you! $2.25 each.

Order #THY60076

[Image Ollie Fireman BDay Card #BDay60073 SZ]

Ollie Marmot Duckport Fireman with Dalmatian Birthday Greeting Card. Outside reads: "It's your Birthday!" Inside reads: "Wishing you a day that's big and bright!" Back of card reads: Ollie Marmot admires the Duckport Firemen. "That's what I want to be when I grow up!" he says. $2.25 each.

Order #BDay60073

[Image Rory Tiger Birthday Card #BDay60072 SZ]

Rory Groover Tiger Birthday Greeting Card. Outside reads: "Happy Birthday!" Inside reads: "Have a day full of Grrr-reat fun!" Back of card reads: Rory Groover grooves on birthdays! $2.25 each.

Order #BDay60072

In stock!

Bookshelf Games (Little Suzy's Zoo) - Designed to be your child's first game; teaches matching skills, shape recognition; dexterity; language. Packaging sized to fit a child's hand and abilities.
  1. My First Words Game - Super simple first matching game; contains 6 playing boards and 18 matching tiles; safe for toddlers - no small parts or sharp corners. Ages 2 to 4.
  2. My Adventures Matching Game - Match the objects on the playing board; builds language and fine motor skills; contains 6 playing boards and 36 matching pieces. Ages 3 to 6.
  3. Match & Spell Game - Match character images, then colors and letters; builds language and spelling skills; contains 6 playing boards, 12 words and matching letters. Ages 4 to 7.

Patriotic Pals

"Patriotic Pals" Porcelain Figure; a licensed Suzy's Zoo product. This will be a first by this licensed company and should be real special!! Available Now!

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